The quality of comments sections on news sites is often undermined by dysfunctional behaviors.

Can we re-design comment platforms to promote dialogue that is more reasoned and intellectually humble?

Scholio is an experimental project that will test new solutions to improve the quality of comments in online news.

Limit abusive behavior.

Encourage intellectually humble and reasoned dialogue.

The experiment

A large-scale randomized controlled trial will test the performance of new argument visualization platforms and perspective-taking instructions.

We will also field-test a set of measures of intellectual humility.

The project runs for two years from 1 March 2017.


The Scholio project brings together an interdisciplinary team of leading academics and practitioners from around the world to create an online community interested in testing new technologies for online comments.

10 core team people

Target: 5000 people for the trial


Funding and Transparency

The Scholio project is funded by the Humility and Conviction in Public Life program at the University of Connecticut.


Project Updates

Find out more about our current program of work.